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Sydney Painting & Decorating are proud to offer a great variety of professional painting, decorating, Texture Coating and graffiti removal services throughout the Sydney Metro.



Many interior area is painted with a solid, opaque colour scheme. This system of painting is accepted as being the usual type of finish in standard decorating jobs. However, many interesting effects can be obtained with the use of decorative finishes. These type of finishes than to be more decorative than plain painted surfaces. Decorative finishes include following techniques.
They are glazes, ragging, sponging, bagging, colour blending, rag rolling, draggin and combing, French wash or colour wash finish.

French Wash

French created the look of delicate broken colour – a subtle marble-like finish. It can give a two-toned colour marble-like finish. It is an elegant and timeless effect gives a wonderful feature to the walls.









Graffiti Removal

Specialist paint system used as a defense against graffiti, suitable for areas such as subways, car parks, shopping center and communal areas. Anti-Graffiti coatings are resistant to repeated washing, steam cleaning and solvent cleaning.









Sponge Painting

Sponge painting a wall gives an elegant marbled look. It depends on the technique used and the effect can be bold and heavily patterned. It can be also soft and cloud-like.



















Texture Coating

This is recommended for decorating, restoring and protecting exterior and interior of the building. It has a low maintainance coating and it’s readily acceptable for all kinds of commercial, industrial and private building.
Texture coating has the advantage of making a house or building look uniform. Texture finishes are applied at much thicker rates than normal paint and so when applied correctly will last longer.













Wallpaper Finishes

Wallpaper is much harder than to do painting. But it will long last for a good deal than paint will. Wallpapering can last five times longer than paint under normal conditions. Wall paper is unmatched in the aesthetic value that is create astonishing effects. It can change the entire look and feel of the room. Some of the effects which cannot be replicated by paint can be done through the wallpaper.
There are 1000’s of patterns, colours and design. Some wallpaper can be painted allowing you to put some texture in the room while still adding your favorite paint color. Wallpapers is easy to clean. Most of the wallpapers are coated so that they wipe clear from common household marks. Also wallpapers will help hide dirt, smudges and damage covering.




7 years guarantee on any work

At Sydney painting and decorating we take safety seriously and follow OH&S policy guidelines closely. We also comply with Australian / New Zealand painting if building guide 23:11:2009 to achieve the results we endeavor. We are licensed and insured for the security and safety of the public and our clients. We are happy to report that we have zero incidents and strive to maintain this record.



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